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Otago Catering and Cafe

5663A Royalmount, Montreal, QC
Otago Catering and Cafe logo
Otago is Montreal's premier event design provider specializing in the custom design, planning, and coordination of any event. Our catering service and expertise provides you with a refined culinary experience, suitable for any occasion.
Couture catering emphasizing simplicity, quality and modern styling.

Mobile Bar 
Working within your objectives and budget to tailor your vision to perfection.

Distinct service that radiates sophistication and style is an essential characteristic when planning any occasion.

Event Design 
The infinity of decisions necessary to make your event a success are handle by experienced, well-managed professionals

Eventure Inc.

5473 Royalmount, Suite #202, Montreal, QC
Eventure is a well established caterer. Our catering services are most often required at special events such as weddings, corporate events and private parties and we always present an impressive food spread. We have a great reputation of satisfying our clients and achieving their goals for their special events. We continually advance their vision and mission. Our kitchen and office is conveniently located 5 minutes from downtown Montreal and since opening in 2011, we have had the opportunity to serve food at hundreds of events in nearly every venue in and around the city.


4089 Ave. Laval, Montreal, QC
MaurinCuisine logo

Here at Maurin Cuisine, home cooking is our passion.


We help families and singles have home cooked meals in their refrigerator weekly using the freshest ingredients and never freezing our meals.


The menu changes weekly and according to family preferences.


We also do caterings for different budgets and occasions.


We take pride in using the most local ingredients available seasonally. 

Vert La Bouche

5218 jacques-grenier, montreal, QC
Vert La Bouche logo
Modern vegetarian and vegan catering in Montreal with vegetarian and vegan personal chef services. Specializing in gluten free, raw diets and allergy specific diets.

Simply Wonderful

152 Abbott Avenue, Montreal, QC
Simply Wonderful logo
Being the host was never so easy! Simply Wonderful offers many things, but above all, we hope that you can taste the little bit of our heart in each dish.

Fresh ingredients marry creative thinking to complement any Simply Wonderful occasion. For formal gourmet dinners, casual lunches, weddings, cocktail parties, fundraisers and gala events, we always bring success to the table. 

Cocktail Reception
Relax and mingle with your guests as they move throughout the reception space enjoying the tasty items served butler-style by our uniformed staff.

Your personal style and taste will be reflected in the menu chosen side-by-side with you. From casual to an elegant black-tie evening, the options are endless and we can help.

Celebrating Life's Milestones
When you, or a loved one, are celebrating the milestones of life ? 40th & 50th birthday celebrations, baby showers, graduations, wedding anniversaries and such ? it?s the perfect time for some special treatment.
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